A Man Takes Stock

I started this blog 725 days ago and have posted 171 times. That’s an average of one post every four days. And some of those are just pictures.

What have I been doing in the three days between each post? I’d like to know that myself.

A Man is Less Snakes Than Ladders

When I found out Alan Jacobs had ceased to blog (following closely on Michael Sacasas’s quitting the field), I wanted to write an appreciation of Dr. Jacobs’ blogging. The man is as deep with esoteric literary knowledge as Lake Baikal is with water, and that kind of compost makes for great off-the-cuff observations. I’ve been enriched by his commentary. Unfortunately, I haven’t found the time.

Imagine my relief, then, when I discovered that, lo! his blog is not dead at all. Enjoy the resuscitation.